You'll plan detours!
With certainty.

4pets PRO, the TÜV-certified premium dog transport
system from Switzerland.

The forces that arise in a car accident involving dogs are a risk to life –both for humans and animals. Today, anyone who transports a dog unsecured in the car is at risk of gross negligence and can even be subject to a penalty. Even a seemingly harmless 15 km/h rear-end collision involving an unsecured dog of 5 kg can have devastating consequences for passengers and dogs. Dog crates are proven to be the safest way to transport a dog in a car. Here too, however, caution is required. Not every dog crate offers the necessary safety. Many low-cost products do not fulfill the requirements expected in the event of a crash and can further impair the safety of the dog and the vehicle occupants. That’s why, as the leading Swiss manufacturer of aluminum dog crates, we rely on safety certified by the German product inspection agency TÜV Süd. All 4pets dog transport systems are thoroughly tested in accordance with the ECE –R17 test standard before they are placed on the market. This gives the dog owner the certainty that the 4pets dog crates are genuinely safe.

4pets PRO Line // Sizes

For everyone the appropriate crate. Find your size.

Pro Hundebox ONE



The small crates that take the prize!
Suitable for small breeds such as Cocker
Spaniel, Dachshund, Terrier or Beagle.

Hundebox PRO 2


M / L

These crates are ideal for dogs up to medium size such as Spitz, Sheltie or Border Collie. Thanks to its narrow width of 54.5 cm, it fits easily into your car’s trunk.


S / M / L

These are the ideal crates for medium-sized to larger breeds. Due to the Line’s width of 68 cm the crates easily provide the space and safety needed - for example for Retriever, Labrador or German Shepherd.

4pets Pro 4 Hundebox


S / M / L

These crates are perfectly suited for the safe and comfortable
transportation of large dogs such as Bernese Mountain Dog, Hovawart,
Rottweiler or Irish Setter.

PRO 22

M / L

You have two dogs? No problem, the double crates provide
space for two medium-sized to larger dogs.
The middle dash panel is removable.

The right one from the start, for my darling and me. Thanks to the 4pets PRO, I got that too.

Jens & his dog Pico

buy a 4pets pro dogcrate



No oiling, no lubrication

All parts of the dog crate are maintenance-free. There isn’t even any need for oiling, because the door hinges are made of a self-lubricating plastic-graphite alloy. Consequently the dog-box is easy and convenient in everyday use.



High - end materials

Specially developed aluminum bars make the
crate particularly stable. The bars are also anodized to prevent rusting. All plastic connectors are fiberglass-reinforced and therefore extremely rugged. Due to the quality precision engineering, the crates won’t rattle or make any disturbing noise while traveling by car.



Easy closing the door

The ingenious twist-lock immediately and securely snaps into place. The long locking bar provides additional stability and torsion resistance. The door can be operated with one hand, leaving one hand free to hold the dog in place. With the installed lock, the dog crate can be closed securely.


Strong connection

Nothing rattles, everything is solid

All parts of the dog crate are maintenance-free. There isn’t even any need for oiling, because the door hinges are made of a self-lubricating plastic-graphite alloy. Consequently the dog-box is easy and convenient in everyday use.


Use the 4pets Configurator and find the right dogbox for your dog and your car.

The advantages of the 4pets PRO dog crate

The new 4pets PRO dog transport system is perfect in every way. 4pets PRO offers safety certified by the German product testing agency TÜV. The 4pets PRO dog crates are manufactured in Switzerland, using only the highest-quality materials. No other crate offers you and your dog so much safety in combination with first-class design, thought-through handling and outstanding build quality. Now with IPS -Impact Protection System, the intelligent, crash-tested special rear wall, and Safelock, a door lock system with even greater stability. You will detours –with certainty!

✓ Crashtest

✓ Ride tests on difficult terrain

✓ Fastening into the car

✓ Force-close connections

✓ Sharp edges and corners

✓ Pipe ends/risk of injury

✓ Pinch points

✓ Screwing techniques

✓ Connection technology in general

✓ Blind riveting techniques

✓ Corrosion protection

✓ Bending of parts

✓ Resistance to breakage

✓ Locks

✓ Technical documentation

✓ Labelling

✓ Operating instructions

✓ General Notes and guidelines

✓ General legal requirements

✓ Safety instructions

✓ REACH regulation specifications (release of pollutants)

TÜV tested quality

✓ TÜV tested
✓ Reliable high-tech materials
✓ Swiss innovation, built at Lake Constance

Highest stability

✓ Specially developed aluminum profiles
✓ Reinforced side walls
✓ Glass fiber reinforced corner connectors

4pets Pro dog crate safety features
Easy to use

✓ Clever snap lock
✓ One-handed operation of the door
✓ Safe lock included

Dirt-free car

✓ Elevated side walls
✓ Urine resistant plastic tubing
✓ Easy to clean

Our PRO dogboxes do not shy anyCrash test.
All models are TÜV tested.

Practical accessories for the dog crates

Make travel safer and more comfortable for you and your dog
4pets Pro Hundebox-zubehoer-scratchguard


Protect your bumper

Practical bumper protection for your car. Prevent your car getting scratched or soiled when taking your dog in and out of the vehicle. Suitable for all models.

4pets Pro Hundebox-zubehoer-crashbag


Strong braking - gentle cushioning

With the innovative CrashBag, you can further safeguard your pet against sudden braking maneuvers or accidents. The CrashBagis simply attached to the rear panel of the dog crate. Available for all models.

4pets pro hundebox - boxlifter


Increased position for each trunk

Does your carhas a loading sill? It’s no problem with the BoxLifter. Fits all 4pets dog crates. The dog crate’s height is increased by 7 cm, meaning the door can be opened and closed despite the loading sill.

4pets pro hundebox - boxlifter


Ideal fixing in trunk

StrapFixprevents slipping, even during severe braking maneuvers. This is how you protect not only your dog but also all inmates in the vehicle.

4pets easysteps hunderampe


Effortless entry and exit

Protect the joints and health of your dog and your back. Thanks to the telescopic design, EasyStepsalso fits into your trunk with a 4pets dog box.

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