Swiss Manifactured
4pets PRO NOIR 1

Secure transportation for small dog breeds such as Cocker Spaniel, Terrier, Dachshund, and Beagle. Our dog crate provides comfort and protection on the go. Explore the ideal solution for safe transport now

4pets PRO NOIR 2

Our dog crates provide ample space for medium-sized dog breeds like Spitz, Sheltie, or Border Collie. With their slim width of 54.5 cm, there's plenty of room for other items in the trunk.

4pets PRO NOIR 3

Ample space for medium-sized dog breeds like Spitz, Sheltie, or Border Collie. Our dog crates are slim (54.5 cm), providing enough room for other items in the trunk and ensuring secure transport.

S / M / L

4pets PRO NOIR 4

The spacious premium dog crate enables secure transport for large dog breeds such as Bernese Mountain Dog, Hovawart, Rottweiler, or Irish Setter. Highest safety standards for your loyal companions.

S / L

4pets PRO NOIR 22
PRO 22

Do you have two dogs? No problem! Our 4pets Double Crates provide enough space for both. The removable partition allows flexible use and comfort for your four-legged companions.

4pets PRO NOIR Wartungsfrei
Safety door lock 
Carefree safety in the event of an accident

Thanks to the "DoubleDock" door locking system, the door of the PRO NOIR dog crate is additionally secured in the event of a crash or impact so that your dog remains safely in the crate at all times. It can be opened easily at any time after a crash.

4pets PRO NOIR Aluminium
Aluminum and GRP plastic
High - end materials

Thanks to the specially developed aluminum profile tubes, the 4pets PRO NOIR dog crate maintains its outstanding stability and guarantees maximum safety. The black matt anodized profile tubes protect against oxidation, while connectors and lock housings made of glass fibre reinforced plastic give the box additional stability. This guarantees the 4pets PRO NOIR dog crates exceptional stability and durability.

4pets PRO NOIR Schloss
The lock housing
Easy opening and closing of the door

Thanks to the easy-grip twist lock, the door latch engages securely and immediately in the profile. The reinforcement with a steel plate ensures additional security. The door can be easily opened with one hand, so that one hand is always free to secure the dog. The integrated lock with 2 keys ensures that the dog crate is securely locked.

Starke Verbinder
Door frames and connectors
Nothing rattles - everything fits

The corner connectors, the lock housing and the door frame are made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic and are firmly screwed or riveted to the aluminium profiles. As a result, there is no disturbing noise or rattling for the occupants while driving.

4pets PRO NOIR Seitenwand
Side panel
Clever handle opening - air circulation

The side walls of the box have a handle opening, making it easy to transport by hand and position in the car. Generous openings ensure optimum air circulation and a pleasant climate in the box. Please observe the safety instructions printed on the box.

4pets PRO NOIR Rückwand
Back panel
High-end materials

The dog crate is extremely stable thanks to specially developed aluminum profiles.These profiles are anodized, which protects them from oxidation. Thanks to the high-quality workmanship, the dog crate remains completely noise-free even on uneven roads.

4pets PRO NOIR Fuesse
Feet and fixation
Stable grip on the floor

The feet of the box provide a secure stand and hold in the trunk.To additionally secure and fix the box, it is important to use the supplied "StrapFix" lashing straps.The floor connectors of the box are prepared to accept the BoxLifter.

Starke Verbinder
Floor pan
Protection from dirt

All 4pets PRO NOIR boxes are equipped with a urine-resistant floor tray and a floor mat to catch dirt and liquids and protect the trunk.The box can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

4pets dog crates.
You will plan detours-
For sure.

In the world of safe dog transportation, 4pets once again sets the standard with its latest innovation - the 4pets dog crates in stylish black. These new crates are not only eye-catching, but also TÜV approved to meet the highest safety standards. Let's take a closer look at why the new black dog crates from 4pets are an outstanding choice for the safe transportation of your beloved four-legged friend.

Why black?
Choosing black as a color option for dog crates not only offers an aesthetic elegance, but also has practical benefits. Black dog crates are less conspicuous in the car, which not only creates a stylish look, but also allows for a certain amount of discretion. The inconspicuousness in the vehicle is particularly appealing to dog owners who value a harmonious overall appearance.

Safety comes first: TÜV-tested
4pets has developed its black dog crates not only for their appearance, but also with a clear focus on safety. All models have been tested by TÜV Süd in accordance with the strict ECE-R17 test standards. This certification guarantees that the dog crates meet the highest safety standards and therefore provide reliable protection for your dog during car journeys.

Almost invisible: inconspicuous integration in the car
The black color of the 4pets dog crates helps them to blend seamlessly into the interior of many vehicles. The almost invisible integration in the car not only creates an aesthetically pleasing overall appearance, but also harmonizes with the vehicle's interior. This makes the dog crate a stylish companion on every journey.
You will plan detours- For sure.

4pets Pro Noir

Straight to the best from the beginning. That's what I wanted for my precious one. Thanks to 4pets PRO NOIR, I got exactly that

The advantages of the 4pets PRO NOIR dog crate:

The 4pets PRO NOIR product range introduces an innovative solution for dog owners who demand the highest standards in the safe transportation of their four-legged companions in the car. These specially designed dog crates combine technical sophistication with thoughtful construction to provide the utmost in safety and comfort.

With a focus on user-friendliness, the one-handed operation of the PRO NOIR dog crates allows for easy handling, ensuring you always maintain control over your dog. The effortless operation contributes not only to safety but also to relaxation during the journey.

Another advantage of the PRO NOIR dog crates is their noiseless functionality. This contributes to making your journeys with your dog in the car not only safe but also pleasant and stress-free. The subtle, neutral design of the crates seamlessly integrates into your vehicle's interior, providing aesthetically pleasing integration.

The high-quality construction of the dog crates features anodized aluminum, extremely sturdy plastic connections with fiberglass reinforcement, scratch-resistant coated HDF wood, and a urine-resistant plastic tray. These materials ensure not only stability but also durability, even under challenging conditions.

Safety features such as the aluminum die-cast lock housing, the Safelock locking system, and the IPS (Impact Protection System) underscore the reliability of the PRO NOIR dog crates. The Safelock locking system has undergone crash tests, providing you with the assurance that your dog is protected even in the event of an accident. Similarly, the IPS has successfully passed crash tests to ensure optimal safety.

All 4pets pet transport systems meet the strict standards of the R.E.A.C.H. regulation, ensuring they are unquestionably free of harmful substances. Additionally, they are TÜV-tested to guarantee the highest safety standards. Choose now the proven quality of the 4pets Pro dog crate for the car and conveniently order this innovative product online. Your dog deserves the best safety and comfort on every journey!

The outstanding features of the brand-new 4pets PRO NOIR dog transport system are convincing in every aspect. With TÜV certification, the 4pets PRO NOIR ensures proven safety. Manufactured in Switzerland, these dog crates set standards through the exclusive use of high-quality materials. No other crate offers a comparable combination of safety, premium design, thoughtful operation, and top-notch craftsmanship for you and your dog.

The introduction of Crash Impact Control, an intelligent, crash-tested special rear wall, and the Safelock system for an even more stable door lock are remarkable innovations.

To ensure the highest safety standards, we go to great lengths:

✓ Crash tests
✓ Driving tests on challenging routes, including Belgian block test tracks
✓ Secure fixation in the car
✓ Robust connection strength
✓ Rounded edges and corners
✓ Safety of pipe ends to minimize injury risks
✓ Avoidance of pinch points
✓ Application of optimal screwing techniques
✓ Reliable general connection techniques
✓ Effective corrosion protection
✓ Resistance against bending
✓ Safety against breakage
✓ Reliable lock mechanisms
✓ Complete technical documentation
✓ Clear labeling
✓ Understandable user manual
✓ Consideration of general instructions and requirements
✓ Compliance with legal regulations
✓ Important safety instructions
✓ Compliance with the REACH regulation (freedom from harmful substances)

Choose the proven quality of the TÜV-certified dog crate from Switzerland - 4pets Pro NOIR. Order online now and experience a first-class combination of safety and quality for your loyal companion.

black dog crate
black dog crate


Use the 4pets configurator and find the suitable dog crate for your dog and your car.

Black dog crate

Why 4pets PRO NOIR?

  • Aluminum profiles
  • Reinforced side walls
  • Fiberglass-reinforced corner connectors
  • Raised side walls
  • Urine-resistant plastic tray
  • Easy to clean
  • TÜV tested
  • Safest high-tech materials
  • Swiss innovation
  • Clever snap-twist lock
  • One-handed door operation
  • Secure lock included

Our PRO dog crates fear no crash test. All models are TÜV tested.

Practical accessories for the dog crates

Make traveling even safer and more enjoyable for you and your dog.

Support your dog's joint health and relieve your back at the same time with EasySteps. Thanks to its telescopic design, EasySteps can be effortlessly integrated into your trunk, even if you already have a 4pets dog crate.

Trust in the innovative CrashBag to provide additional protection for your pet during sudden braking or accidents. This essential accessory is available for all models, adding an extra layer of security to the transport of your beloved four-legged companion.

Do you have a high loading edge in your trunk? No problem! The BoxLifter provides the solution. With a 7 cm elevation, it improves the position of your 4pets dog crate, making it easier to open and close the crate door.

Thanks to StrapFix, slipping is prevented even during strong braking maneuvers. This ensures not only the protection of your dog but also of all passengers in the vehicle.

Optimize car protection with our bumper guard. Prevent scratches and dirt when your dog enters and exits. Suitable for all models – essential accessory for vehicle protection.

4pets Pro Noir. The black dog crate for the trunk. Barely visible from the outside.


For over 30 years we have been researching and developing on behalf of safe dog transport.