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Frequently asked questions & downloads about the PRO & ECO dogboxes from 4pets

Why should i buy and put such a dog crate in my car?

Did you know, that in case of a crash or an emergency brake with only 50 km/h (31 mph) your dog developes the 25 times the body weight by the abrupt stopping and can thus become a deadly projectile. The ProLine protects yourself and your dog. In some countries it is required by law, a dog is consideredd as cargo and cargo must be secured.

In addition, a dog crate can massively contribute to maintain the value of your vehicle, because the dog has a clearly confined space.

Are the ProLine crates crash tested?

Yes, the ProLine crates are the first dog transportation crates worldwide, which are crash test approved and certified by the TÜV SÜD Germany.

Does the box makes any noiese in the car?

The dog crates from 4pets are noisless, no rattling or other noises that could disturb you or your dog while driving.

Which box fits my dog and my car?

It is very important that the dog has as much space as necessary that he should be able to sit or lie. To much space means higher risk of injury to the animal in an emergency.

On our website you can find the dog-box-configurator with which you find out the right box for your car and your dog.

The dog sizes are average values and may vary. All information of the configurator is not guaranteed and subject to change.

Where can i buy the products?

Our 4pets products are available in specialized shops.

How can i become a dealer?

We’ll help you to make contact to your country representative. Write us at

Do you offer special/ custom orders in size?

Due to technical reasons we unfrotunately can not offer special/ custom orders.

What material are the dog crates?

The dog boxes are made of high quality aluminum (rods, profiles), pressed wood panels, fiber glass reinforced plastic (corner connectors) and a lock housing of aluminum die-cast. In addition, a high quality rubber mat, a lock with 2 keys and a strap fix are included.

Are toxic materials used?

No. The box meets the requirements of the REACH regulations concerning non-toxicity, also all used materials were tested during the TÜV certification, such as PAH’s and phtalates. We use only non-toxic materials.

Where are the boxes produced?

The boxes are „Made in Switzerland“.

Who can i contact in case i have issue?

We are happy to answer your questions and suggestions. Write us on:

For warranty questions or else, please contact your local dealer.

Where can i buy spare or replacement parts?

Your dealer will be happy to assist you in obtainig accessories and / or spare parts. For more information contact us directly.

How long is the warranty?

The product warranty lasts 2 years from the date of purchase.

What is included in the warranty?

Material errors or other damages without fault of their own are covered by the proudcts warranty (according to OR, Swiss Code of Obligatinos).

How do i assemble the box ?

The box is partially-assembled (IKEA principle) and will be built with the 10 srews. A manual and an assebmling plan is included.

Do i need technical understanding to build the box?

No, the box is very easy to build, even for people without technical knowledge. Addtionally, you can see the assembling of the box step by step as a video.

How long does it takes to assemble the box?

Building a box lasts 10 – 15 minutes only. Expect a few minutes more time for a double crate.

What tools are needed?

Only the two hex keys, which are included.

Is it possible to remove the middle partition wall of the double box?

The partition has no bearing function, therefore it can be removed easily. It is important that the two dogs well tolerate each other when they are traveling in the same room.

Can i install the door „in reverse“?

Yes, you can mount the door on the other side wall. This conversion is possible and very easy to make (see video tutorial)

How can i adjust or change the door?

The hinges oft he doors can be loosened and the door can easily be moved horizontally and vertically, then the scres on the hinges are tightened again (see video tutorial).

Do i need to oi or fat the hinges?

No, thanks tot he self-lubricating plastic mixture with graphite content, this is not necessary and needed.

Are there any video tutorials?

Yes, there are video tutorials for setting up, adjusting the doors and else. These can be found on our here.

Are the boxes crash tested and certified?

Yes, the 4pets ProLine crates are the first TÜV SÜD Germany type- and crash-tested and certified dog crates worldwide.

The rest results in the crash tests were outstanding. In addition, the TÜV certification covers the production monitoring, the design of the crate, materials used, legal regulations (REACH), the documentation and fixation in the vehicle. Data on file.

How do i attache / fix the crates in the car?

The boxes are secured with tie-down straps to the anchor points in the trunk/ loading section of your car. The sturdy Strap-Fix system (2 straps) are included in the ProLine and has a tensile force of 350 kg/ 770 lbs per beld. Additional Velco strips on the bottom of the box ensure that it does not slip in the trunk. The use of the Strap-Fix is recommended.

Can i lock the door of the box?

Yes, the ProLine will be delivered already with a lock with 2 keys, which increases security.

What do i have to do, if i lose the keys?

For safety reasons, the whole lock has to be replaced. Each lock can be opened only with the supplied keys. The keys are therefore unique. It‘s very easy to replace the lock.

What accessories are availabe for the PRO and the ECO LINE?

Crash-Bag – The special cushion that is used as impact portection (during emergancy braking or accident) and is mounted on the rear wall of the box. Available for all sizes

Scratch-Guard – The bumper protection, protects from scratches when boarding and provides a secure grip for the paws. One size for all boxes.

Strap-Fix – The lashing strap set for a safe and additional securing the box in the vehicle. The use of Strap-Fix is recommended.

Box Lock – The lock with two keys, for retrofitting.

Box Lifter – The dog crate’s height is increased by 7 cm, the door can be opened and closed despite the loading sill.

Here you will find the fitting instructions for your PRO or ECO dogbox


Frequent questions about the 4pets PENTHOUSE boxes 

Is the Penthouse system crash tested and certified?

Yes, the Penthouse and the dockingstation are crash test approved and certified by the German TÜV SÜD. It is the first transportation system for small dogs which is crash tested approved and certified worldwide.

How do i mount the Penthouse in the car/ vehicle?

The Penthouse box can be mounted on any seat in the car (expecht the drivers seat) thanks to the clever dockingstation.

The requirements are: a seat belt and a headrest. The docking station is attached to the headrest and secured by the seat belt of the vehicle. A detailed manual is included.

Can i also transport other animals?

The Penthouse was tuned to the needs of small dogs and their owners. In principle it is possible to use it also for other, similar animals, as long as the maximum weight of 3.5 kg / 7.7 lbs is maintained. In this regard, we suggest to get advice from a pet professional.

What is the maximum weight of an animal for the Penthouse?

The maximum weight for an animal is 3.5 kg / 7.7 lbs.

How can i clean the Penthouse?

The Penthouse can be easily cleaned witha a damp cloth. The inlets can also be washed at low temperatures.

Where can i buy the Penthouse and the Dockingstation?

The box and the dockingstation can be purchased from qualified dealers.

Can i take the Penthouse on the plane?

The box meets the IATA standards for planes. The decision whether a 4pets Penthouse crate is allowed as a mode of transportation for your dog in planes, depends on the airline. We recommend to contact directly the airline.

Is the net bit-safe and heat resistant?

Yes, the used plastic makes it almost impossible for an animal to bite through the net, which does not mean that it is impossible. And in addition, the net is also heat-resistant. We only use untoxic materials.

Here you will find the fitting instructions for your PENTHOUSE dogbox


Frequent questions about the 4pets EASY STEPS dogramp

Here you will find the fitting instructions for your EASYSTEPS dog ramp


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