4pets dog products
from Switzerland

Dog crates, dog ramps and accessories from Switzerland

4pets PRO dog crates

The 4pets PRO crates offers verifiably certified safety from TÜV. New with Impact Protection System -the intelligent, crash-tested special rear panel and Safelockthe even more stable door lock system.

4pets ECO dog crates

4pets ECO crates are proven to be one of the strongest and toughest range of dog-boxes in the world –and that’s a fact. Virtually no other crate offers you and your dog as much quality in combination with a timeless design.

4pets CAREE dog crates

With Caree, you can transport your dog or cat comfortably on any car seat. Simply park and secure with the seat belt or the ISOFIX / LATCH. Suitable for animals up to 8 KG (17.6 lbs).

4pets dog ramp

EasySteps nables you to protect not only your dog‘s joints and health, but also your own back. The compact, extremely rugged and easy-to-use dog ramp makes it easier to get out and about with your four-legged friend.

It is important for 4pets to offer safe products.

That is why we regularly do TÜV SÜD tests.

With the EasySteps Dogramp, Buddy comes easily into my SUV and we take good care of our backs.

4pets Hundebox

ECO - was the right decision for me. It offers all the important safety factors and is affordable for me
as a student. 


For over 30 years we have been researching and developing on behalf of safe dog transport.